Events & Termine

Events & Termine


15.02.        Streetdefence Seminar mit Andreas Delies in Stadthagen

01.03.        Kali Conzepts Seminar in Oldenburg

14.03.        Weapon Day in Wulfen

27.03.        Kali Conzepts Seminar in Rheine

28.03.        Magic of Martial Arts Seminar in Flensburg

26.04.        Kali Conzepts in Bielefeld

Martial Arts Day & Sports Awards Gala in Geilenkirchen

30.05.        4th Open Martial Arts Tournament in Flensburg

13.-14.06.  Mu Sul Hapkido in Ulm

26.-27.09.  Kali Concepts Summercamp in Wulfen

10.10.        European MAA Championships in Rottendorf

17.10.        Mu Sul Hapkido in Bielefeld

24.10.        Magic of Martial Arts in Koblenz

31.10.        Krav Maga Trainer-Umschulung A

28.11.        Krav Maga Trainer-Umschulung B

05.12.        MAA & ISDA Budo Hall of Fame Event & Seminar