Awarded as the Best Organization of the year from the Int. Martial Arts Time Magazin Hall of Fame

Many Advantages

As A Member Club Of MAA-I You Can Expect Many Advantages:

    Youll pay no annual fees  

    Youll receive an impressive international Dojo Certificate

    Youll have membership and recognition in one the largest, oldest and most renowned worldwide active open combat arts associations, which is represented in over 120 countries and enjoys a high international reputation.  

    Youll be part of a large international community of combat art elite martial artists,  movie stars, legends, champion fighters and many international as well as Asian grandmasters

    Your past grades are recognised free of charge and transferred over to the MAA-I.  With appropriate qualifications you can get a coaching diploma, master's certificate, grandmaster diploma, examiners licence, conferment of traditional title certificate (i.e. Renshi, Sifu etc.), judge/referee licence as well as other specialised certificates.  

    Youll receive regularly invitations and advertisements for meetings: Seminars, Galas, Workshops, Training Courses, Conferences and Championships.

    You can order at any time, high-quality membership cards/association passports, documents, licences and diplomas as well as patches, etc, at particularly good prices, which you can profit from on re-sale to your pupils.

    Technical consultation and support with structure and guidance of your own combat art school or association. 

    Support with the arrangement of your own championships, seminars, training courses, etc.

    Support with matching qualifications to appropriate training courses

    You and your members have the chance to participate on courses, championships, tournaments, workshops and instructor courses within the MAA-I Community, sometimes at reduced cost or even free of charge

    Your courses, examinations, qualifications, seminars, etc. can all be run under the MAA-I adding credibility to what you do 

    Students pay no annual licence fees to instructors (except for insurance, which is mandatory), etc. The only charge we make is a small one for the production of documents, certifications, etc. and to cover postage.

    Small quantities of screen printed merchandise can be prepared for you with your club , school or our association logo, we can print on articles of all type from fighting sportswear, t-shirts, sweat-shirts, track-suits, pennants, flags, cups, etc. 

    You can recruit new members for your club, events, matches, courses, etc. free of charge 

    You can report into our federation forum on your activities and successes.

    We can arrange advisers for your events if you wish, our advisers are far ranging coming from fields such as the Shaolin Monks, national and international advisers, grandmasters, masters, security/bodyguards, natural health advisers up to professional stunt instructors, etc. 

    You can with relevant qualification be invited onto certain committees, elite and sub-associations, Dan grade committees, Sokeship councils, referee committees, etc.  

    Championships, galas, tournaments and other matches are arranged by the MAA-I at national and international level. With diverse categories such as full, semi and light contact, forms, weapons, break test etc. Cooperation with other associations makes participation possible in many championships and matches. 

    MAA-I representative honours, cups, medals, documents and gifts can be earned by clubs

    We will help you in the acknowledgment and registration of your combat arts record, possibly even with entry in the Guinness book of records for any records you attempt and achieve

    Well qualified combat art masters can be nominated as ambassador for high honour titles e.g. Renshi & Kyoshi, Hall of Fame and other high sport honours.

    We have many service contacts e.g. service of preparation of stamps within 24hr, Asian furniture stores as well as recommended Budo equipment, which can be despatched directly to you. 

    We offer contacts when desired to casting, TV series, film extras, stuntman, radio, talk & game shows, music video and advertisement as well as other specially agencies

    Licence awards area protection and exclusive rights 

    Sample documents for everyday school guidance (contracts, printing, reminders, etc.)

    Information is made available for personnel and club management

    Presentation & training video production service

    Support when arranging seminars and matches. 

    You can always get information on current meetings, seminars, matches and championships as well as Galas on the Internet at

    Training for club managers, coaches and training supervisors

    Support and tips in marketing and image

    Introduction and training in up-to-date training concepts and methods

    And many other advantages


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