Our Association

The MAA-I, Our Association

The Martial Arts Association - International (MAA-I) is one the oldest, world-wide active open-style Martial art associations for traditional martial arts and modern systems as well as combat sports, fitness and survival methods. The association cares for at present several thousand sport schools, federations, clubs, companies, associations, training groups, coaches and instructors world-wide in over 120 countries. 

Our Philosophy

The number of member schools of the MAA-I has almost doubled year on year and this is due to our connection with many famous combat art experts, legends, sporting stars, celebrities and grandmasters. This fact can be justified by our friendly philosophy and the extensive, interesting and above all fair services that we offer. Awarded as the “Best Organization of the year” from the Int. Martial Arts Time Magazin Hall of Fame

The success of the MAA-I is based on community, our slogan reads: 

"Working together we are stronger and we will reach our common goals". 

The MAA-I promotes itself as an international friendly association and represents thus an open-style strong and large international community. The goal of the MAA-I is it to promote a worldwide brotherhood of martial artists regardless of style/system in the true spirit of the combat arts. In order to further our goals we do not believe in exploiting our members by charging over-elevated fees or having exaggerated association policies and political bureaucracy. Our fees are kept to a minimum to cover admin costs for certification, etc.  Membership is free of charge !                                             .                                             

Our success has been proven since our establishment in 1964 by our friendly and open philosophy. The the success of the MAA-I is a reflection of the success of all our members, masters, officials and coaches.  

Our Foundation and Our Present Status

The MAA-I was established in the USA in 1964 by Grandmaster Professor Dr. R. Lee M. 10th Dan.  The European section was established in the early 90’s in Germany and was registered, the association was acknowledged in accordance with article 9 of the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Germany. Since the turn of the millennium and after the death of the founder the European section in Germany has taken over the management of the MAA-I under the guidance of Bernd Höhle   The office of president for the MAA-I has filled by Grandmaster Professor Dr. Gu Ping (China).

The MAA-I as one of the oldest and well renowned associations has connections to many martial arts associations and is held in very high prestige.  On the basis of this we are also the representatives of several other world associations. For example, we are the official representative of the World Organizer of Martial Arts and we represent different international Elite and ‘Hall of Fame’ organisations. Cooperation Partner Professors of the Beijing Sports University in Peking/ China and the Assumption University of Bangkok/ Thailand. We have close ties with the Saudi Arabian Royal family. His Royal highness Togbui Ngoryifia Olatidoye Kosi Cephas Bansah, King of Ghana appointed the MAA Headmaster to Consultant of Sport of Kingdom of Ghana  

The MAA is registred UN NGO Organization.


The MAA-I is represented in over 120 countries worldwide including:

Alaska, Albania, Algeria, Antigua, Argentina, Armenia, Australia, Egypt, Azerbaijan, Bahrain, Bangladesh, Belgium, Bosnia Herzegovina, Brazil, Bulgaria, Chile, China, Costa Rica, Denmark, Germany, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Estonia, Finland, France, Georgia, Guam, Guatemala, Guyana, Greece, Honduras, India, Indonesia, Iraq, Iran, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Jersey, Yugoslavia, Cambodia, Canada, Kenya, Colombia, Korea, Croatia, Cuba, Kazakhstan, Kirgizstan, Korea, Kuwait, Lebanon, Liberia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Madagascar, Malaysia, Malta, Mali, Morocco, Moldavia, Nepal, New Zealand, Netherlands, Nigeria, Norway, Okinawa, Austria, Palestine, Pakistan, Panama, Peru, Philippines, Poland, Portugal, Puerto Rico, Rhode Iceland, Romania, Russia, Zambia, Saudi Arabia, Scotland, Sweden, Switzerland, Serbia, Sierra Leone, Singapore, Slovakia, Spain, Sri Lanka, south Africa, Tadjikistan, Taiwan, Tanzania, Thailand, Tonga, Trinidad, Tunisia, Turkey, Turkmenistan, Uganda, Ukraine, Hungary, United Kingdom, USA, Uzbekistan, Venezuela, Vietnam. 

We Have The World Martial Arts Elite On Our Side

The MAA-I commands a high-ranking international honorary-executive, who are drawn from prominent Grandmasters, martial arts legends and fighting sports champions, for example: Grandmaster Prof. Dr. Gu Ping, Grandmaster Chiu Chi Ling, Grandmaster Katsuya Miyahira, Grandmaster Hiroshi Akamine, Grandmaster Masami Nakamura,Grandmaster Prof. Yuzeng Liu, Grandmaster C.K. Chu, Grandmaster Dr. C. Lee, Großmeister Prof. Dr. Yin Yong Zhou, Grandmaster Ted Wong, Grandmaster Prof. Dr. Song Swee Hee, Grandmaster Saiai Ou, Grandmaster Akeweya N. Tirhakah, Grandmaster Suk Ku Kim, Grandmaster R. Chun, Shaolinmonk Shi Xu Ping, Grandmaster Jae Joon Kim, Grandmaster Sang U. Jin, Grandmaster Prof. Keido Yamaue, Grandmaster Prof. Gu Ping, Grandmaster Wong Kiew Kit, Shaolinmonk Xu Fing, Grandmaster Son Ir Bon, Grandmaster Wang, Grandmaster Tanemura, Grandmaster William Cheung, Grandmaster Quoc L. Tran, Grandmaster Lam Tien Dat, Grandmaster Lee Hong-Thay, Grandmaster Austin Goh, Grandmaster Fei Long Qi, Grandmaster William C. C. Chen, Sifu Wai Lam Cheung,  Grandmaster Kim Yong Ho, Grandmaster E. Parker, Grandmaster Masami Nakamura, Grandmaster Frank Sanchez, Grandmaster Stephen K. Hayes, Grandmaster Jae Eun Choi, Mr. Chen-Yang Lee, Grandmaster James McNeil, Grandmaster Prof. Carlos Gracie, Grandmaster Prof. Min Tah Jao, Grandmaster Prof. Dr. M. Tianero, Grandmaster F. Wong, Grandmaster Prof. Rigan Machado, Grandmaster Dr. Yamahashi, Grandmaster Kim Jeong Seong, Grandmaster Dr. Qiang Chow, Grandmaster Lim, Grandmaster Jung Hoon Shin, Grandmaster Dr. Yo Han Lee,  Grandmaster Eui Tae Kim, Grandmaster Dr. Kyung Soo Jang, Grandmaster Dr. Min Hwan Oh, Grandmaster Byung Ock Yoon, Grandmaster Dr. Dennis Hanover, Grandmaster Sun Gong Kim, Grandmaster Lee Kang Jong, Grandmaster Dominador N. Caballero, Grandmaster Dr. Heryue Wong, Grandmaster Prof. Ernesto Presas, 10. Dan, Grandmaster Hung Hyun Yeo, Grandmaster Prof. Amante Marinas, Grandmaster Dr. Gigante MacBaine, Grandmaster Rolly de La Cruz, Grandmaster Yuen Dong, Master Xiao Wang, Grandmaster Peter Nehls 10. Dan, Grandmaster Prof. Dr. Flavio Behring, Grandmaster Prof. Rene Latosa, Grandmaster Randy Li B. Dan, Grandmaster Jürg Ziegler, Grandmaster Prof. Richard J. Van Donk, Grandmaster Vlado Schmidt, Grandmaster Gat Puno Baet, Grandmaster Bobby Taboada, Master Wu Guanfeng, Grandmaster William S. Ungerman, Grandmaster Raffy Pambuam, Grandmaster Kwan, Grandmaster D. Satulong, Grandmaster Prof. Andrew Mc Gil, Grandmaster Yoon Kim, Master Renzo Gracie, Sheik Ali Bin Atiq Al-Atiq, Grandmaster Ralf Bartzsch, Grandmaster Dr. P. Preuß, Grandmaster Moshe Galisko, Grandmaster Ami Niv, Grandmaster Jae Man Lee, Sifu Erle Montaigue, Master Yoddenchai Sitpolek, Grandmaster A. Goldberg, Grandmaster Carlos Pulanco, Grandmaster Prof. Dr. Deepak Rao, Grandmaster Prof. Alcuizar, Grandmaster Prof. Dr. Thomas Hodgins, Grandmaster Krankaril Boonchuay, Master T. Ho Wha Tew, Master S. Tan Thiam Sing, Master K. Tan Joo Heng, Grandmaster John Bluming, Master Bernd Hoehle, Master Tang Soon Onn, Master V. Wong Kwok Huei, Master J. Wang Chin Meng, Mastr J. Joh, Master Tan QingZhe, Master B. Wang, Master R. Tan Ye Kai,Grandmaster J. Stern, Grandmaster G. Stobbe, Guro Vincent C. Palumbo, Grandmaster Prof. Dr. Marcell Daniel, Grandmaster Pyung Lyuk Kim, Grandmaster W. Greed, Master J. Knust, Grandmaster R. Brauhardt, Grandmaster Sook Gun Kim, Grandmaster H. Scheidereiter, Grandmaster Kwon Tae Lee, Grandmaster Dr. Neal Schiesske, Grandmaster Prof. Dr. Wagner, Master Liu Peng, Master Yuo Shung Luong, Master Huang Chuanbo, Master Xinguowei, Master Martin Sewer, Grandmaster San Jing and many other well-known figures from the international martial arts scene. 

Secial Honorable Members: His Highness Prince Abdulaziz Bin Fahad Al-Saud, His Highness Prince Abdulla Bin Fahad Al-Saud, His Highness Prince Bader Bin Moh´d Bin Mograne Al-Saud & His Highness Prince Fahad Bin Khaled Al-Sudeiry etc.

The MAA-I as well its many clubs is also connected with many famous guest members and trainers, for example: Action star Bill Wallace (Superfoot), superstar Jean Frenette – the Canadian tornado, the Shaolin Monks from China, Grandmaster Prof. Keido Yamaue, Grandmaster Prof. Ernesto Presas, Grandmaster Cacoy Canete, Grandmaster Dr. Chiu Chi Ling, Grandmaster Ted Wong, Grandmaster Jan de Jong, World-master Ferdinand Mack, Grandmaster Dr. Min Tah Jao, Karate legend Joe Lewis, UFC Champ Dan “The Beast” Servern, Grandmaster Jhoon Rhee, Grandmaster Kwon Jae Hwa, Master Eric Lee etc. We also have visiting Hollywood-stars like Jackie Chan, Don “The Dragon” Wilson, Cynthia Rothrock, Ralf Möller, etc.   

A Successful Image Through Public Relations

The MAA-I promotes various different projects and actions, numerous social, creative and combat art meetings for its members through honourary cooperation and sponsoring. Apart from this support the MAA-I is also involved in charitable pursuits such as social and youth care causes, etc. 

Apart from numerous articles, title pages and publications in specialised martial arts and sport magazines and renowned large newspapers the MAA-I has also had television and radio appearences e.g. with the NDR, Eurosport, Pro 7, RTL, various broadcasting corporations, MDR, Sat 1, WDR, Berlin TV and MAD TV.  Among other shows like "Birgit Schrowange", "Big Brother". Some MAA-I members have also been involved in motion pictures, TV films and various TV shows.

What We Do and What We Offer

Our members and partners enjoy many advantages.   The MAA-I distinguishes itself through its many services that are not on offer with many other associations. 

Every year apart from a multiplicity of training courses, seminars, tournaments, championships, honours, examinations, Galas, advanced training, re-education classifications, training camps, etc. we also offer different training trips e.g. to Japan, the USA, UK, Thailand. China, etc. The MAA-I also offers professional Stunt Workshops, Security/Bodyguarding Courses, Fitness Training, Health and Wellness Seminars. We also offer training with different subsidiary organisations around specialist associations.

The MAA-I cooperates with many regional and international professional associations from all styles, which has numerous advantages for  members, this promotes a positive reputation and high values for the MAA-I and affords us true international acknowledgment.

No Risk!

The MAA-I offers all open minded martial artists, schools, associations and clubs an excellent service and a strong community for all.  Regardless of what style, direction or pathway you follow every prospective member is accepted with no obligation and moreover - free of charge.

Our Service

We will not let you stand out in the rain!

Questions, forms, bureaucracy…  Look no further! With competent and direct information, reliable service or simply a friendly ear we are at your disposal at any time.  The MAA-I offers support to you with the establishment and guidance of setting up a sport school, club or association, we are here for you at any time with advice and action. Further we function also as an approach point for the promotion of your club, etc. A concept, which has helped many already!

Our Obligation                                    
The MAA-I commits itself to each and every interested sport school, association, club, company, training group, etc to make coaches and instructors available on request to help in initial set-up for new instructors. 

You Have No Obligations

Every MAA-I member commits themselves to nothing other than honest cooperation in the community and this is the basis for each member, club, sport school, associations or any agent of the MAA-I.

Our Media

Would like to give a training course? Your sport school, club or association holding a regional or national event? Are you trying to promote your goods? In a community it is important that information of any kind gets to its target audience fast. The variety of media we use to publish news, events, etc. provides for a fast information flow and always keeps members and the public up to date. So that you also have up-to-date information in relation to the competition, we always have current marketing information and success ideas at your disposal.

Need-Oriented Offers

With us the desires of our members and partners stands at the forefront. Each individual member should be able to decide quite individually which offers they uses and when. Apart from the broad spectrum of services MAA-I offer we also offer advanced training seminars for each prospective member. We also arrange regional, national and worldwide championships and training courses. These are all regulated by a reliable quality control system that is the quality and safety of the seminars, tournaments and training courses.

Our Success Philosophy

The philosophy of the MAA-I community is a very member-friendly and not one of an unreachable association. This has a direct and positive meaning for our reputation, which our community and members enjoy in the public eye.

The philosophy of the MAA-I relies on these principles and foundations, they are considered as a measure of our association activity, and we present to you the following principles briefly:

Possibilities Created and Goals Achieved

No pointless ideas – we run on the basis of creative impulses developed independently, real concepts, which we develop and purposefully utilise for common advantage of the community and members. In this way we remain flexible, promote creative drive and increase success.

Partners Supported and Promoted

For you, nothing is too much - you know as members and partners you can feel safe in our association, because a community and association makes sense only if it can give the performance and absolute confidence of achievement to its members.

Taking Responsibility

Know for certain - in relation to all of our members, our partners and the community we consciously adopt an irrefutable social responsibility, which steers our association values.

Proven Determination

In principles, the strength lies - we stands openly to our principles, to our service achievements, to our members and partners and to the combat arts. 

Goals Consistently Pursued

The essential is always before our eyes - we attach to our goals an extensive quality guarantee, a continuous association growth, the systematic image care of our community and the support of our members and partners endeavours that benefit our members. 

Constant Improvement

A collective success recipe - as a unit and community we are more than the sum of all individual performances of our members and partners. 

And finally, owing to these principles, since the creation of the MAA-I in 1964 we have always and will continue to remain flexible, fair and professional to all of our members and prospective members.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and we hope you will consider joining our community.

The MAA-I Team


Methods & Objectives

Reliability in the Combat Arts

The Martial Arts Association - International (MAA-I) has had great success with its innovative and purposeful goals - our goals in the combat arts are a high standard of representation and image improvement for all members, the protection of members interests and conditions in against politics, bad media and other associations is a crucial factor to a larger acceptance within the martial arts community. The concept of image improvement has been based on building positive reputations as well as using coordinated press work with the ultimate goal of promoting the combat arts.

Everything in an Association

The MAA-I logo is not only a copyright, but a double achievement promise to the members of our large community. The MAA-I since it’s founding in 1964 have been concerned not only with quantity, but also with quality. Because we fully concentrate on our successful member-friendly philosophy we concentrate fully and completely on our members and partners. Our representatives always prove to be well founded experts of their chosen field. This adds to the achievements of the MAA-I and its individual options and shows us to be a competent and caring association.

We Are Your Partner

From the realisation and implementation of the MAA-I we have concentrated on building a strong community for the individuals interests, we ensure the support of each individual club, school on a long-term basis and to ensure their position as important long term partners of the MAA-I. Today we care for several thousand combat art centres, clubs, associations, and training groups and are connected with members in over 100 countries. The number of member schools of the MAA-I has almost doubled year on year and our connection with many combat art experts, combat art legends and Asian grandmasters documents the success of our strong community. As partners we work together with our members and add our positive ideas and experiences to our common advantage.

Our Marketing

The protection of interests and image of our represented members and their disciplines are only two of the numerous responsible tasks of the MAA-I. Further to this we belong to the members and clubs and to the concept of our association, we offer a place to associations and interested members to use our proven marketing strategies and successful marketing concepts in order for them to profit in their independent work from the success of our established concepts.  Of course also the outer impression is decisive: professional advertising materials like posters, adverts and flyers are only some materials that our members can make use of themselves. Competent suggestions and reliable support in matters involving advertising is one of the most important tasks and forms a crucial factor to the success of each individual member

In this context the MAA-I has another offer for its members. Rights of usage, e.g. over logos, names or trade marks, exist. These are made available to all members, clubs, combat sport schools and associations, so that the members can profit to from the experience and image of the association.  From our establishment we have engaged in the use of different media to promote a positive image and public picture of the martial arts. 


Copyright by MAA-I.